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What is Probate?

Your Personal Tax Planning Guide 2008-09

The Certified General Accountants (CGA) of Ontario annually publishes a personal tax-planning guide for individuals and small business owners [1].

This booklet is hands-down the best tax-planning guide you can find for free! It covers all of the major taxation issues most individuals and small business owners face. More importantly, it answers many question individuals have about their taxes…regardless of what province you live in.

On the provincial tax side, it does focus on Ontario but for the most part it does an excellent job of federal income tax issues.

You can download a copy from the CGA Ontario website here.

Other Useful Publications From CGA Ontario

Tax Tips For Students [2]

Executorship [3] – A guide for anyone asked to be an executor or estate trustee.

What every small business owner needs to know [4].

These can also be found on the CGA Ontario website here.