What Is Included In Employment Income?

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In Canada, all salary, wages, and other remuneration received from your employment must be included in your income for tax purposes.  But what do they mean by other remuneration?

The term remuneration means all types of compensation you receive fro your employment in addition to salary and wages.  This includes both monetary and non-monetary compensation such as:

  • Bonuses,
  • Tips,
  • Commissions,
  • Gifts,
  • Directors fees,
  • Consideration (i.e. payment) to do or not to something before or after employment, and
  • Benefits

This list is intended to provide a general overview of the types of remuneration that is considered taxable employment income in Canada.  As a general rule, all income and benefits you receive from employment are income and taxed unless they are specifically excluded.

Timing of Remuneration

Payments you receive from employment will be included in your taxable income in the year in which the payment is received which means the actual date you received your remuneration.  For example, if you received your December 2007 paycheque on January 2nd, then the funds are to be included in your 2008 tax return.

Please see our article on taxable benefits for more information.

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Charmian February 9, 2011 at 3:07 am

i received a monetary gift from the family of this woman who i took care for about 3 years. i did not work directly from them but from an agency. and the family told me that it is not taxable. should i or should i not file this on my tax return? im really confuse..and what will happen if i do not file it?

Tax Guy February 9, 2011 at 8:50 am

If the funds were received as a consequence of employment, then the “gift” is fully taxable. It does not matter if you worked through an agency. Cash gifts are always taxable.

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