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Weekly Link Stuff

Every week (almost anyway), I publish a list of posts from other personal finance bloggers. Here is a list if articles I’ve found interesting this past week.

Financial Highway – 10 Money Myths to Watch Out For [1]

Hull & Hull, LLP – Avatars Beware – What Happens To Your On-Line When You Die?

Thicken My Wallet – Is there a relationship between savings rates and real estate values? [2]

Canadian Capitalist – What are these home owners thinking? [3]

The Financial Blogger – CFA or MBA: Which Should I Get? [4]

Million Dollar Journey – EI Benefits For The Self-Employed [5]

WhereDoesAllMyMoneyGo – High Frequency Trading Explained [6]

Canadian Finance Blog – The Psychological Effects of Risk [7]

Have a great weekend.