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Weekly Links-Mid-Summer Edition

Another week has gone by here at Canadian Tax Resource [1]. Here is a list of articles from blogs I read, that I found interesting this week.

Canadian Financial DIY wrote about how the government taxes your RRSPs at death [2]. When you pass away, the full value of your RRSPs will be included on your final tax return and taxed along with all your other income. Someone who passes away with $150,000 remaining in his or her RRSP (or RRIF) could be facing a hefty tax bill. In my opinion, some appropriate planning and perhaps some insurance can help reduce the tax bill at death.

On a similar note, The Wealthy Boomer warns about the dangers of leveraged RRSP meltdowns.
Financial Highway is giving away a free copy of Gordon Pape’s “Tax-Free Savings Accounts.

Guest writer Kathryn at Million Dollar Journey shares some financial regrets [3].

Ellen Roseman shares some stories consumers have run into with retailers not honouring their loyalty programs [4].

The Financial Blogger a final summary of the attempt to get a raise and the going to get another job. As a result, TFB is now working 4 days a week [5] and had to pay back the former employer MBA and financial planner education expenses.

Bigcajunman (I love that handle) give you four of the most common TV self-help dupes. [6]

Thicken my Wallet shares his thoughts on how to invest in a real estate investment trust [7].

Have a great weekend and I hope you continue follow my articles next week.