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Weekly Links – H1N1 Vaccine Edition

Actually, I have nothing to say about swine flu other than everyone is consumed with discussing it. Should I get a vaccine or not, will I get sick or not.

Here is a list of articles from this past week you might find interesting. I did!

How Financial Crisis Affected Credit Card Borrowers [1] – Canada Personal Finance Website

Insurance You Can Do Without – Life Insurance For Your Child [2] – Canadian Personal Finance Blog

Wants & Needs Revisited – Gail Vaz-Oxlade

Contracts For Difference For Canadian Retail Investors : Beware [3] – Canadian Financial DIY

RRSP And TFSA Strategies [4] – Michael James On Money

Why Is Financial Planning Ignored? [5] – Riscario Insider

Ottawa’s Pension Reform Has Five Main Objectives – Wealthy Boomer

You Are Not Going To Stay A Financial Planner Are You? [6] – The Financial Blogger

RESP – You Can Withdraw Contributions Without Penalty – Quest For Four Pillars

Bought A Home With Problems? [7] – Thicken My Wallet

By the way, if you have been following my discussions on HST, you can get the complete list of articles here [8].

Have a great weekend.