Weekly Links For January 22, 2010

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Another week has gone by and I have been feverishly researching new posts. Here are some interesting articles from other blogs, I have come across this week you may enjoy.

Financial Highway – 7 Money Lessons From Monopoly. Ray polled his readers through Twitter and they came back with some really interesting and funny responses. Well worth the look.

The Canadian Finance Blog – How Much Do You Need To Retire? The 10% Rule. Tom looks at retirement planning and how much you need to save at various life stages.

Where Does All My Money Go? – Efficient Market Hypothesis. Preet provides is opinion on the efficient market hypothesis, which proposes that prices in a market reflects all relevant information and there is no ability to beat the market.

Million Dollar Journey – Carnival Of Personal Finance – Haiti Edition. Frugal Trader hosted the Carnival of Personal Finance. He agreed to match donations up to $500, which happened. Hel lost count when donations reached $2,000.

The Financial Blogger – Gathering $31,000 in 2010. The Financial Blogger writes about how he wants to pay off a loan from his parents by the end of the year.

Canadian Personal Finance Blog – De-Cluttering Financially. Big Cajun Man sold some investments and consolidated them.

Wealthy Boomer – WHY do banks dominate TFSA market and WHY DON’T most people open self-directed TFSAs? Pretty self explanatory.

Thicken My Wallet – What do you do with your credit card offer? TMW suggests that with identity theft a problems that you should shred the offers and not leave them in the recycling bin.

Here are some other interesting reads from the past week:

PT Money – Goes mobile!! – PT Money Goes Mobile: iPhone App, Amazon Kindle, and WP Touch Theme

Bible Money Matters – Traditional And Roth IRA Contribution Limits And Phase Outs

Get Rich Slowly – Planning a (Debt-Free) Dream Vacation

GenerationX Finance – Poll: How Do You Prepare Your Taxes?

Money Crashers – Are Extended Product Warranties Worth The Money?

No Debt Plan – I Coached My Wife On Budgeting Before We Were Engaged

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