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Updates To Canadian Tax Resource

We have made some updated to the tax rates pages to include some new tax and rate tables.

The provincial health premiums [1] for Ontario’s OHP, B.C. Medical Services Plan (MSP), and the Alberta Health Care Insurance have been added to the Tax Rates [2] page.

The 2008 Employment Insurance Rates & Premiums [2] have been added on the Tax Rates [2] page.

The Federal & Provincial Tax Rates for Canadian Controlled Private Corporations (CCPC) for 2008 have been updated.  See the Tax Rates [2] page.

If you are looking for other rates tables, please do not hesitate to contact us using our contact form [3]. We may be able to provide a source for the tables or include them in our site.

Call For Article Submissions For Canadian Tax Resource

If you are a public tax practitioner or financial planner and are looking for some exposure to promote your practice by publishing an article we would like to hear from you.  Simply send us an e-mail [4] with your name, scope of practice and a general idea of article you would like to publish and we’d be happy to provide you a forum.

If your article is appropriate for this site, we will publish your article and include your bio, firm name, scope of practice, links to your website and contact information.  It is an excellent way to build inbound links to your website and improve your search engine ranking as well as build your exposure.

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