Top 5 Small Business Resource Websites in Canada

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Recession or not, the economic landscape is constantly changing and new businesses are needed to fill future consumer needs. However stating a business is not easy task and it’s here where the internet can really lend a hand. Here are the top five small business resource websites in Canada. 

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Any budding entrepreneur needs to check out this website. The site has links to give you a step by step guide to getting your small business off the ground. Everything from general advice to Business Plans and GST/PST Registration info can be found here. Plus there are countless links to other aspects of running a small business.


If you’re going to operate a small business in Canada, you’ll want to have a look at this site. It provides information about the multitude of government grants available to small business ventures. There’s also a free e-zine  and the site even provides a browse by industry sidebar for ease of use.


This site established by the Canadian Government has just about everything the small business owner might need. Blogs, links to everything from ‘Grants and Loans’ and ‘Permits and Licences’, ‘Marketing Research and Statistics’, Copyright and Intellectual Property’, the list goes on and on. Plus there are a host of articles concerning other businesses or market trends. You can even search for specific information by province. And you can access the government’s main site directly. A French version of the site is also available.


The online version of Canadian Business magazine, this website is another valuable resource you definitely want to have a look at. It offers discussions, e-newsletters and blogs all covering small business in Canada. A handy ‘Headlines’ tabs keeps you up to date as does the ‘Market News’ feature. Video tools, polls, twitter updates, this site is well worth a look. There is also an e-newsletter and you can get alerts right from the page. Interviews with other business owners can help you through any rough spots you might be experiencing. They even offer deals on the print version of the magazine and you can get 2 issues free.


Celebrating 11 years as an online source for small businesses, canadaone has all the business tools you might need, including success stories from Canadian entrepreneurs who beat the odds and have made a success of their small business ventures. An excellent selection of links cover every aspect of running a business. There’s even an even calendar covering daily business happenings around the country. You can even submit your businesses website to their free business directory. Business news, free business tools… this site is a must.

Of course this is only a partial list. The internet is a vast resource you’ll need to learn your way around if you’re going to make your business a success. The sites here are a great place to start, the rest is up to you.

This article was written by Andrew Salmon who writes on a variety of subjects including Canadian life insurance. Andrew lives in Vancouver.

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Alex Sirota August 15, 2010 at 9:36 am

This is a terrific website and list of resources. Note that the Ontario government has built a business support programs and services inventory at

This resource will continue to grow and be the AUTHORITATIVE source for information. For profit directories are usually out of date and don’t have authoritative or up to date information. Only the government has the most up to date information on government business programs.

Tax Guy August 16, 2010 at 6:47 am

This is a good source.

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