Tips To Save Money & Build Wealth

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Here is a listof 8 tips to save money.

Save Interest – Pay your credit card balance in full when it is due. The cost of credit card debt is extremely high and is not tax deductible. One simple and often overlooked technique is that you should never spend more than you make!

Buy Used – Consider buying a used vehicle instead of new. With the popularity of leasing, good quality used vehicles are always available. In most cases the cost is much less than what you would pay for a new car. However, be sure to check the vehicle out with an independent mechanic before you buy.

Insurance – Shop around for insurance. Normally you will realize better discounts on your insurance if you consolidate to a single carrier. I recently saved $300 by switching my home insurance to the same provider as my auto insurance.

Smoking – Quit smoking. It will save you money not only on the cost of cigarettes but also on your home and life insurance.

Lunches – Pack a lunch.

Gas – Save on gas. Make one big trip rather than short trip throughout the day. You can do your grocery shop and then pick up the kids from school on your way home. It will save you more than you think.

Home Energy – Turn down the heat or air conditioning when you are not home. In the summer, shut off your air conditioner when you are not at home. It taxes less energy to re-cool the house when you return than it does to run your air conditioner all day. In the winter, put on a sweater.

Look for Other Savings – What do you have that you don’t need? Cell phones & phone features, TV channels, impulse buys?

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