Random Thoughts on Interesting Jobs in Sports

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I was at a major league basket ball game last night and I began to wonder how much money some of the stadium people made for their work.

The jobs were varied from dancers, to cheerleaders, to the girls who squeegee the floor after a throw in.

I would think some people would do the work for free where other would definitely want pay. But how much pay?

As we were leaving my 17 year old daughter told me that she knows one of the girls who squeegee the floor. The girls make $200 per game and work three games a week. So 4-5 hours work and $200. Hmm, I have over 15 years of business experience, a university degree, advanced post secondary, and a professional designation and the squeegee girl makes $200 a day. Granted she probably has no benefits and the growth potential is limited but that would be a decent full time job for some one with no experience and education.

Hopefully the squeegee girl has a plan for her money. Save it for university, for a house, or perhaps a car. Hopefully her parents guide her and don’t let her waste her money.

I also wonder if she appreciates the job. I mean I have seen kids with some good job by high school standards quit them for more “glamorous” job in say the mall clothing store.

I hope she appreciates her job and saves some of her money.

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