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QuickTax 2009 Review

Intuit’s TurboTax [1] (Formerly QuickTax) is one of Canada’s leading tax software brands, and with the features offered it is hard to dispute their reign.

TurboTax [1] is simple to install and use. You can start using TurboTax right away and you will be taken through the process with an easy to follow interview that lets you input all of your information from your tax slips. TurboTax provides clear instructions and the help function is top notch. Of course if you prefer to enter your information directly, you can turn off the interview at any time.

On-Line or At Home

If you want to do your taxes on-line using a web based porthole or download the software to your computer and then prepare your taxes, TurboTax [1] offers exactly the same products and features.