Medical Professional Corporations & Tax Benefits

by Tax Guy - Burlington Accountant February 7, 2013

Ontario allows regulated health practitioners to incorporate and reap the benefits of operating through a corporation. This means that Physicians, Dentists, Surgeons, Audiologists, Dental Technicians, Psychologists, Nurses, Midwives, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and Massage Therapists to incorporate their practices. In addition, other professionals such as veterinarians, social workers, and lawyers are also permitted to incorporate and take […]

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Death & The Shareholders Agreement

by Tax Guy - Burlington Accountant February 6, 2013

The shareholders agreement is an important part of your business. It addresses many common situation business owners may face when they have partners in the business. Your shareholders agreement is also part of your succession plan and deals with what happens on your death. If you have a shareholders agreement, does it provide enough flexibility […]

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Personal Services Corporation-What You Need to Know

by Tax Guy - Burlington Accountant February 5, 2013

If you are an IT consultant or work on a contract basis, you should be aware that in October 2012, the government increased the tax rates for personal services corporations by 13%! This change in the tax rate and the recent focus on IT contractors by the CRA can have a dramatic effect on your […]

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Why Use An Accountant

by Tax Guy - Burlington Accountant February 4, 2013

Accountants do more than your bookkeeping and prepare your taxes. In fact, an accountant with a professional designation has expertise in finance, business management, technology, taxation, and business management. Your accountant has a stake in you and your business. We are your advisor and counsel who can be depended on to deliver objective advice. Other […]

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Tax Tip: Disability Tax Credit – Do You Qualify?

by Tax Guy - Burlington Accountant February 3, 2013

You may be surprised to know that the federal and provincial governments offer generous personal tax credits for: Persons with disabilities, or The person who supports another person (family member) with a disability. If you or the person you support qualifies, you may be entitled to claim these credits retroactive to the start of the […]

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Tax Tip: Defer Capital Gains

by Tax Guy - Burlington Accountant January 29, 2013

When you sell certain types of property including shares, real estate, a business or farm for a gain you may be able to defer the tax on the capital gain for up to 5 years and in in certain circumstances, 10 years. The Income Tax Act allows you to defer a portion of your capital […]

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Tax Tip: Group Medical and Medical Expenses

by Tax Guy - Burlington Accountant January 28, 2013

If you are a member of a group medical insurance plan and you pay all or a portion of the premium through payroll deductions, those premiums may qualify as medical expenses for the medical expense tax credit. Other commonly overlooked medical expenses include: Co-payments or non-reimbursed portions of medical expenses Dental bills Certain attendant care […]

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Tax Tip: Incorporate & Split Income

by Tax Guy - Burlington Accountant January 26, 2013

Here is a proven strategy to reduce your overall tax bill by incorporating your business. The top personal tax rate in Ontario is 45% on income over $132,000 and 48% on income over $500,000. For small business corporation, the tax rate is 15.5% and the personal rate for dividends is quite attractive. By incorporating your […]

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