Number One Crime in Canada

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Having a car stolen is like losing a member of the family. Unfortunately, Canadian residents know about this all to well. Canada has become the car theft capital of the world and one car is stolen every three minutes.

Major waterways in Canada are the hot spots for car thieves. The cities of Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver are where many cars are stolen. These cars can be exported or even sold to the unknowing public whole or part-by-part.

All cars may one day be on the most stolen list. Of course, luxury cars are sought after, but so are economy cars. The top three cars stolen in Canada include the Acura Integra 2 door, the Volkswagen Golf 2 door, and the Hyundai Tiburon FX, which is also a 2-door vehicle.

Car theft costs the consumers money. It raises car insurance premiums and those rates are calculated by where the car is driven and where it rests its bumper each night. Small provinces with less theft will not cost as much in terms of car insurance rates as opposed to high theft areas.

The Vehicle Information Centre of Canada offers a great service for customers to keep their cars theft free. Always lock the car and never leave the keys in a vehicle that is unattended. Park in safe areas. Never leave a claim check, like at an airport, in the car. Conceal personal items in the car so that they are out of sight to criminals.

Have a security device in the car and make sure that it works too. With a remote control starter that may effect the security device and cause it to not function properly. Make sure to access this before it is too late.

Disclosure: The above article was provided by TD Canada Trust. The information and content is the opinion of TD Canada Trust.

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