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Over the last few weeks, I have been in the process of seeking a new web server that can handle the growth of Canadian Tax Resource. This website had previously been hosted through a shared web host, HostPapa, but due to the growth of Canadian Tax Resource, I had hit the limits of shared hosting. I am proud to announce that Canadian Tax Resource is now hosted through ServInt‘s virtual private server service (VPS).

I’d like to thank Frugal Trader at Million Dollar Journey for his help and guidance in helping me make the selection of a new web host.

Canadian Tax Resource History

The genesis of Canadian Tax Resource began in late 2007 and officially launched January 7, 2008. The site was a traditional website hosted through Rogers. However, managing multiple pages quickly became unmanageable. I needed to employ a content management system and quickly settled on WordPress. However, Rogers was cost prohibitive for me to consider using them to host the site.

Host Papa Service

As mentioned above, Host Papa is a shared web host service. Many different websites are housed on a server and the server’s resources are shared. The pricing and features were more than adequate given the traffic and size of CTR and Host Papa delivered great service throughout the time I was hosted with them.

I fully recommend HostPapa to anyone who want’s to start a website!

Managed Services From ServInt

Given the growth of CTR, I needed to move to a service that was both cost effective and provided me with the flexibility to grow without having to move CTR to another host. I now have the flexibility to grow beyond our current VPS to a dedicated server as the site grows.

From the start I have completely impressed by the level of service. ServInt offers managed services. This means they take responsibility for everything installed and delivered on the server. ServInt migrated my account from Host Papa and then fully established the site on their servers. All I had to do was re-point to ServInt.

If you are looking for a fully managed host provider for under $50 USD, I recommend ServInt’s Essential VPS.

For more about shared web hosting versus virtual private servers click here.

What’s Next?

Since moving, I have been able to upgrade the WordPress software and many of the plug-ins.

I’ll be back to regular posts this week and will be making some minor updates to the site. The biggest change will be the merge of Personal Money Tips (another blog I own) into CTR.

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