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Looking To Start A Business?

The federal and provincial governments offer a variety of programs and services to those thinking of starting a business or those with existing businesses. Listed below is a short list of useful websites and services available.

Federal Government Resources

Canada Business [1] – Canada Business is a federal government initiative that provides information and access to government programs and services available to business. Their website offers a variety of topics including:

Industry Canada [2] – Industry Canada (IC) is a federal government department that offers a wide variety of services and programs for Canadian businesses. The department offers business start-up services, company directories, consumer databases, and marketing and research. Access to information on financing and research and development programs is also available through the IC.

Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency [3] – The Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency works with business and communities to make Atlantic Canada’s economy more innovative, productive and competitive.

Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions – The Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec provides assistance to enterprises, communities and the organizations that support them through its network of 14 business offices located throughout the province.

Western Economic Diversification Canada [4] – Western Economic Diversification Canada works to strengthen western innovation, business development and entrepreneurship, and community economic development.

Business Development Bank of Canada [5] – BDC is a federal government crown corporation that provides Canadian businesses with flexible financing, venture capital and affordable consulting services.

Provincial Programs

Many of the provinces have additional programs and resources available. Some examples from some of the provinces include:

If you have come across a federal or provincial a government website or department that has helped you, please share it by leaving a comment with the link [7].