Letter To Jim Flaherty TFSA Overcontribution Penalties

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Following is a copy of an e-mail sent to Jim Flaherty and Keith Ashfield today about the TFSA penalties many are facing right now.

Subject: Request To Address TFSA Overcontribution Penalties

Dear Mr. Flaherty & Mr. Ahsfield,

As you may be aware, a number of Canadian’s are receiving requests for payment from the CRA in response to over-contributions made to TFSA’s.

If you read the comments of many the visitors to my website, http://blog.taxresource.ca/tfsa-over-contributions/, you will see that in many cases the over contributions were unintentional errors resulting from a general misunderstanding of the workings of the account. Similar comments and experiences can be viewed at the popular http://forums.redflagdeals.com/my-tfsa-balance-200-cra-wants-me-pay-interest-5700-wtf-899497/

The TFSA has proven to be a popular savings vehicle for Canadians. However, the $5,000 contribution limit has resulted in confusion. Many Canadians viewed the account as a regular savings account and were unaware that withdrawals would not be added back to the limit until the following year. In one case, a reader to my website indicated that he had over contributed to the tune of $40,000 while another had $70,000. In these cases it appears the taxpayer effectively contributed $5,000 to a TFSA, withdrew it and deposited the same amount to another TFSA and repeated the process in search several times, unaware of the ability to transfer between TFSA’s and avoid an over contribution.

I have directed many taxpayers to contact the Canada Revenue Agency to ask for leniency or request that the penalties be waived. Based on some of the responses I have received back, indicate that there seems to be an inconsistent application the Taxpayer Relief Provisions with respect to TFSA penalties.

I would ask that the Government of Canada direct the Canada Revenue Agency to waive all TFSA overcontribution penalties in those cases where an honest mistake or error has resulted in the overontribution. In addition, I would also suggest that a public education initiative be undertaken to help Canadians and financial institutions understand the TFSA.

I would like to extend an invitation to both of you to respond directly through The Canadian Tax Resource Blog either in the form of a letter or a media release. Such a response would provide you the opportunity to interact and address the concerns of Canadians on this specific matter. Finally, the substantive content of this letter will be posted on the site later today.

Yours Truly,
“Tax Guy”
The Canadian Tax Resource Blog

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