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ING Direct Announces THRiVE!

I just received an e-mail not long ago from ING Direct announcing their new THRiVE chequing account.

If you have an ING Direct account, you probably know that the only way to deposit or withdraw from ING is through a bank-to-bank transfer. No more.

With the new THRiVE chequeing account you can deal directly through ING. The new ING account is similar to the PC Financial accounts but with the service and high(er) interest ING has traditionally paid on their balances.

Features of ING’s THRiVE

In my opinion, PC Financial has been the major player on the on-line bank arena in Canada. They have been widely successful in offer their accounts, loans, and mortgages through CIBC and with kiosk locations in Lowlaw’s chains.

The THRiVE chequing account will mean ING Direct is now a viable alternative to PC Financial and Ally in terms of product offerings.

Check Out THRiVE

I already have a savings account at ING and I’ll open a THRiVE account and see how it goes. If your thinking of making a switch to a no-fee on-line bank, give ING Direct’s THRiVE a view.