Forced To Pay For Training

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Does your employer require you to take training classes? Are you required to pay for them? Does your employer reimburse you and if so, when?

“Required Training”

I was told the other day that I am required to take a series of courses as a condition of my employment. Based on the offer and acceptance letter and the original job description, none of these courses were listed.

Taking the courses is not really the issue. I do find the subjects interesting and am always looking for opportunities to expand my knowledge.

Forced To Pay For The Courses

The problem I have with my employer’s “conditions of employment” is that they expect me to pay for the courses and then they will reimbursement after I pass the course. The course is about four months long and is a little on the expensive side.

Is This Fair?

It doesn’t seem equitable that I am told that I must take a course to remain employed but that I must pay for the course myself. If I don’t pass, I get fired and I don’t get reimbursed. If I pass, I get to keep my job and they will reimburse me.

The Issues

What if someone’s personal situation was such that they could not afford to pay for the class and float that cost for 3 or 4 months. Do they deserve to get fired?

If you take the course and fail and then are let go, I would think you would have a legal case to get reimbursed?

What do you think? Have you experienced this?

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