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I‘ve been considering a new position at my company but have had some reservations. In my current role, I hold an executive position and have responsibility for a specialized team. Because this position is an executive position, I am privy to information provided to other managers at the most senior levels and have some of the perks available to executives. However, my position does not provide the best compensation and I am the lowest paid executive in senior management.

The structure of this company is different because there are non-executive line jobs that pay much more than I receive now and have the opportunity to participate in larger bonuses than I take now. So I’ve considered a move down in position but up substantially in pay.

The decision is difficult because in the next year or two I could conceivably receive the same pay if I stay in my role. If I leave they will replace me and change the role so that they would need to pay my replacement probably what I’d get in my new role. To compound this, I’m not all that interested in the work in the new role: It’s more specialized that my current job and does not afford me the perks of my current position. But it does offer ten to fifteen thousand more a year in salary and another six to ten thousand in bonus. As I struggle to keep my large family afloat, the compensation in intriguing.

I’m leaning towards staying in my current job and asking for a promotion.

What would you do?

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