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Canadian Tax Forums And Websites

I enjoy writing on this blog and participating in discussion group about income tax and financial planning. I have the opportunity to discuss what I find interesting and hopefully you find this interesting as well.

Quest For Four Pillars posted a short list of financial discussion forums the other day that got me thinking. What forums or other sites do I follow and or participate in?

Here is the list of the websites and forums I frequent.

1. DT Max Knowledge Base (No longer available) – This is a the on-line help site for the Dr. Tax software. It is also a good general reference for income tax topics. The sites’ Government Documentation section provides line by line descriptions of each line on your income tax return.

2. BDO Dunwoody’s Tax Bulletins – Once or twice a month, BDO puts out some timely tax articles on a variety of general subjects. Their site also has tax articles and tax fact sections that are useful as well.

3. Intuit’s Communities – These are on-line forums for users of Quicken,
TurboTax [1] and QuickBooks Canada. You don’t need to own the software to participate and many of these sites are loaded with professionals.

4. Red Flag Deals [2] – RFD has a financial forum where people ask tons of questions. I periodically look through to get ideas for my articles. Be warded that there is a lot of poor advice on this board when it comes to tax.

What forums or discussion groups do you find helpful or participate in?