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The telephone is the lifeblood of many businesses but it can also be one of the more expensive costs for a new business (right behind rent or office lease expenses).

Many new business owners rely on their cell phone or smart phone as their phone of choice. However, limited minutes and relatively expensive long distance can make this an expensive alternative.

If you are looking for a virtual phone system, like those offered by Ring Central can help keep your costs down while still providing your customers the service and access they want.

What is Ring Central?

For the business owner with a virtual office or employees who work out of the office, Ring Central provides a decent suite of services. I have used their fax service and can vouch for the quality of the product and the level of customer service.

What Services Do They offer?

Ring Central Office: Is a complete phone system for business that features advanced call forwarding, fax, toll-free, and auto receptionist services at a fraction of the cost. You can get Ring Central Office for as little as $24.99/month per user.

You can offer a toll free number to your customers, they get a busy signal and your calls can be quickly routed to you where ever your are.

In addition, Ring Central Office lets you create a call queue and have your calls directed to the next available employee.

Ring Central Mobile: If you don’t need or are constantly mobile, Ring Central Mobile will answer all of your calls and faxes and will ensure you customers never get a busy signal. You can have a customized greeting and then direct your calls to your desk phone, home phone, mobile, or any number you wish.

Ring Central Mobile is great for the home based business owner who is constantly on the go and if you need a 1-800 number, Ring Central offers this as well.

As a special offer you can try Ring Central Mobile Canada FREE for 30 days.

Ring Central Fax: If you need to receive faxes and either don’t want to invest or rent a fax machine or if you are always out of your office, Ring Central Fax allows you to receive and access your faxes from your computer or mobile device. For a low monthly fee, you have your very own toll-free number that your customers can send faxes to.

Like Ring Central Mobile, you can try Ring Central Fax FREE for 30 days.

Quality of Service?

I was able to set up Ring Central quickly and easily through their website but you will need a credit card to activate the service.

If you need assistance from Ring Central, you can call their customer service centre and speak with a representative. They answer the phone and are very helpful. They make sure they resolve any issues you may have.

Overall Assessment

Overall I give Ring Central high marks for ease of use, price, and customer service. So, if you are looking for an inexpensive phone system for your new or existing business, give Ring Central a try.

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