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Around The Blogsphere – June 6

Here is a list of articles that peaked my interest this week:

Financial Highway launched a new look for the website.

Michael James on Money [1] talks about how reward credit cards contribute to inflation.

Canadian Dream Free: 45 discussed what the Smith Manoeuvre is [2] and the risks [3] associated with the technique.

Canadian Capitalist [4] looked at foreign exchange risk and ETFs. The currency risk lies between the investors currency (i.e. CAD) and the currency of the investments in the underlying ETF.

The Wealthy Boomer tells us Bank of Montreal is entering the ETF market and slightly undercutting its competitors.

The Financial Blogger [5] continued to share his MBA Survival Guide.

Million Dollar Journey [6] listed the current income splitting opportunities.

Thicken My Wallet [7] asks if your home should be seen as an investment.

Jamie Golombeck [8] explains the risks of exercising employee stock options and then holding the shares only to see the value of the shares drop.