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Announcing 2 New Tax Calculators

One of the problems publishing a tax website is keeping the rates and calculators up-to-date. Up to now, I have linked to other websites on the internet that offered tax calculators, tools, and rate cards. However, I am finally able to create and deliver my own set of tax calculators and rate cards (and keep them current … which is the real challenge!).

The first two additions to the Canadian Tax Resource Tax Rates and Tools section is a 2009 personal income tax calculator [1] and the second is an RRSP savings calculator [1].

Personal Income Tax Calculator

The personal income tax calculator [1] is a simple to use tool that will quickly calculate your tax payable, after tax income, average tax rate and your marginal tax rates on regular income, eligible dividends, ineligible dividends, and capital gains.

The personal income tax calculator can help you quickly estimate the amount of tax you will pay at a given income level and then determine which investments will deliver the best after tax return.

RRSP Savings Calculator

How much tax will I save by making an RRSP contribution [1]? This simple to use tool will help you quickly and easily estimate how much you can save by making an RRSP contribution today!

Other Rate Cards

Check out the Rates and Tools [1] tab at the top of the page and the drop down menue for other tools and rate cards.