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Why Should you subscribe to The Canadian Resource Blog? With a free, you can receive regular updates to my site and your other favourite sites. This can save you a lot of time and can reduce you bookmarks.

What Is RSS?

RSS is commonly translated as Really Simple Syndication. Simply speaking, RSS is a way you can keep track of your favourite websites such as Canadian Tax Resource.

You may be familiar with the bookmark function in your web browser, where you can save the link to a webpage that you visit periodically. Bookmaking has a number of limitations:

  • You need to visit the booked mark site periodically. In other words, you do all the work!
  • It can get complicated when you track many sites.
  • You may visit a site several times and be unaware of changes or discover updates have not been made.

RSS fixes these problems by allowing you to subscribe to updates and receive these updates automatically delivered to you in a newsreader.

What Is A Newsreader?

A newsreader is software or a service that is a little like e-mail. Once you subscribe to a feed, the content from your favourite site is automatically delivered to your feed reader. You can then visit your newsreader read updates from your favourite sites.

How Do I Get A Newsreader?

There is a variety of newsreader options available and most are free to use. The best place to start is with free web based newsreaders such as Google Reader or Bloglines.

What If I Don’t Want To Use A Newsreader?

Many website allow you to receive subscriptions via e-mail. E-mail subscriptions for Canadian Tax Resource are provided by Google’s Feedburner. Feedburner allows you enter and manage your subscriptions yourself and your e-mail is kept private and is not used for any other purpose than to send you updates.