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6 Ways To Save Money

Join a Rewards Program – Air Miles, Aeroplan, or other types of reward programs can offset future purchases. When selecting a reward program, select a program that do not charge you an annual fee.

Go Green With Diapers – If you have babies or toddlers you know that disposable diapers cost a small fortune. A box of 120 can cost as much as $35 and will last about a month. Disposable diapers are a little more costly up front, but you can flush and wash the rest.

Extra Phone Services – Consider eliminating extra phone services you don’t use such as call waiting, voicemail, or long distance plans.

Shop For Insurance – Last year I switched my house insurance to the same company that provides my car insurance. Not only was the overall policy cheaper, I also got an additional 5% discount on my car insurance for bundling.

Reduce Digital Cable Packages – Do you have digital package channels you don’t use. Consider switching to a package with fewer channels.

Think In Terms of Needs – We all need food, shelter and clothing (in that order!). Needs are things we desire but don’t require for survival.